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Yeah, it’s real, we’re going to talk about it and leave the conversation open for people to have their own conversations. A lot of people really want Jered to either get back to Molly or just continue to exist on the ether of . “We have to now talk about this because clearly there’s no answer,” and that was one of those moments. ” And the whole thing with Molly is that she just couldn’t believe him.

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In an interview with Newsweek, Orji reveals what’s in store for her character on “Insecure” Season 2, on August 18.

It seems like we’re getting a lot more Molly this season.

Eminem celebrated his 44th birthday earlier this week by dropping a seven-minute song called "Campaign Speech" (Oct. Like many of Em's raps, the lengthy comeback track name drops a bunch of celebrities. She’s educated, talented, and beautiful—a public figure that’s doing a terrific job on a really popular show called First Take. She deserves to have so many people giving her positive attention and props. ""It’s not disrespect if someone else finds your significant other attractive," Jacoby answered Rose.

Everyone from Donald Trump to George Zimmerman to Colin Kaepernick got a mention. Qerim herself still hasn’t responded to the shout-out, but there's no doubt the beautiful host's name just got a lot more popular in the rap world because of Em.

And I think it’s funny because we’re going to see Issa in that life that Molly tried to prevent her from and how Molly helps her navigate it.

That single life is not for the faint of heart, I’m trying to tell y’all. It’s necessary because we’re seeing people’s vulnerabilities.Now we’re going to see them really be real like, “OK, girl.I’m gonna throw you on the carpet, but I still love you.You don’t want this single girl life.” And Issa obviously didn’t listen, and she did what she did, and now she’s finding herself on the market again.We’ve seen [Issa] go through a series of dates where she’s not necessarily sold.Every first season you’re learning a little bit about the characters.

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