Michael phelps dating a stripper

Remember Tim Meadows, The Saturday Night Live veteran who played Leon Phelps “The Ladies Man”?

Well, Tim hasn’t exactly been an A-list actor over the past few years, but a bitter ex-girlfriend might just make Tim more popular than he’d like.

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After the 2008 Beijing Olympics the swimmer walked away with a total of 8 gold medals, breaking the previous record held by swimmer Mark Spitz.

In 2009, Phelps was photographed smoking from a bong and the photo was released to the tabloids.

Phelps, 29, has dated Johnson off and on since 2007.

The pair reportedly broke up in 2012 but were seen together throughout the last year.

The scandal tainted Phelps..Michael Phelps (born June 30, 1985) is the most successful Olympic athlete.

The scandal tainted Phelps' good boy image causing him to lose a number of endorsements and rethink his future in swimming.See pictures and articles about Michael Phelps here.that includes his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his child, Nicole Johnson!The website Hollyscoop says Phelps' gal pal is a 25-year-old, Los Angeles based aspiring model named Megan Rossee. "She and Phelps began dating in January (2012) and things started to heat up just prior to the Olympics," a source told the site."At the time when they began dating, baseball and television star Doug Reinhardt was crushing on her too, but she chose to be with Michael instead." [pullquote] Rossee tooka photo of she and Phelps arm in arm in London, along with all of his new Olympic hardware, with the simple caption: “Yay Michael.” She also hit the red carpet with him Monday night in London at a Speedo event.*cue the white tears* Flip it over a few times to see exactly what his chick has been saying about Tim.

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