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The law prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving any public benefits at either the state or local level.

It bars illegal immigrants from attending publicly owned colleges or universities (currently blocked).

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Moreover, it considers as a discriminatory practice any action to refuse to employ or remove a legal resident of the state when an illegal one is already employed (currently blocked).

The law requires large and small businesses to validate the immigration status of employees using the US E-Verify program.

Contracts formed in which one party is an illegal immigrant and the other has direct knowledge of that are deemed null and void.

The law also requires voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering. Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn, sitting for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, temporarily blocked enforcement of the law, saying she needed more time to study the case.

For more than 90 years, The Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund has assisted the needy in Merrimack Valley through generous contributions from local businesses, organizations and individuals.

This year, the cry for help in our communities is as great as ever and we are striving to assist more families.State and local officials urged immigrants to keep their children in the schools, saying the law does not bar them from attending.On November 18, 2011, a German Mercedes-Benz executive was arrested for not having proper documentation on him while on business in Alabama, having left his passport at the hotel where he was staying and carrying only his German identity card.The law prohibits illegal immigrants from applying for work.(currently blocked The production of false identification documents is considered a crime.It prohibits landlords from renting property to illegal immigrants.

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