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Thus, employees of certain small or seasonal businesses are not protected by Title VII, although they may be able to obtain recourse for employment discrimination through 4 Section 1981 (for racial or national origin harassment claims), or those state or local anti-discrimination statutes that have lower thresholds.

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Section 1981 provides, in relevant part, that: (a) All persons .

shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts .

Section 1985(3) provides, in relevant part, that: If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire .

It should be noted that Section 1981a, which sets forth certain remedies, applies to Title VII actions, and not to Section 1981 actions. Section 1986 reaches those who had notice of the conspiracy and were able to prevent it, but did not do so. for the purpose of depriving, either directly or indirectly, any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws .

The companion statute, Section 1986, provides, in relevant part, that: Every person who, having knowledge that any of the wrongs conspired to be done, and mentioned in section 1985 of this title, are about to be committed, and having power to prevent or aid in preventing the commission of the same, neglects or refuses so to do, if such wrongful act be committed, shall be liable to the party injured, or his legal representatives, for all damages caused by such wrongful act, which such person by reasonable diligence could have prevented.

A claim under Section 1986 must be brought "within one year after the cause of action has accrued." Id. Title VII Title VII was enacted through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment, and applies to employers with "fifteen or more employees for each working day in each of twenty or more calendar weeks in the current or proceeding calendar year." 42 U.

In contrast, federal-sector employees must inform their agency's designated EEO office within 45 days of the alleged discrimination or harassment; the agency then allows the employee to participate in either counseling or alternative dispute resolution.

Title VII's "mixed motive" element allows the plaintiff to recover if she "demonstrates that race, color, religion, sex, or national origin was a motivating factor for any employment practice, even though other factors also motivated the practice." 42 U.

The Supreme Court recently resolved a split among the circuits, and held that the 3 catchall federal four-year statute of limitations, 28 U.

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