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We lay this way for a long time until he began to breath normally, then his soft cock slipped out of me leaving a trail of his seed across my thigh.

My hubby would watch and join in; we were all happy and it got to where I looked forward to his visits.

He always had something interesting to talk about and our open sexual flirting was fun too.

His cock flopped wildly around looking very tasty so I leaned over and sucked the head into my mouth as I jacked him off.

As I stroked his almost hairless cock, I looked up at him and asked, “Want me to suck on your balls? ” Hhis cock head was all slimy with my saliva, so I took it in hand and licked it like a lollypop as I worked my way down his shaft, smiling up at him as he watched me.

To make it worse Lee asked me a few times if I would fuck him while he watched.

I always refused, but I began to think about it quite often; when Jeremy would hug me when he came over, I would wonder what it would be like to fuck him, and I began to hug him back pressing up against him.Then I was cumming again; I cried out this time, again clawing at his back, my legs tight around his thighs.He groaned and was humping me so hard that my head was slapping against the headboard, his body almost crushing me with his powerful thrusts.I was sucking his tongue as though it were a cock and we struggled to my bedroom, ripping our clothes off in our haste to satisfy our need.I backed up on the bed, watching Jeremy’s hard cock (it was huge) as he crawled on top of me; I was wet already and he fumbled with his cock, trying to get it into me.He pulled his finger out of me with strings of his cum hanging from it.

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