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LAN/intranet/Internet), enabling users to remotely view and/or manage the camera from a Web browser on any computer.

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Headquartered in Boston, MA, Core Security Technologies can be reached at 617-399-6980 or on the Web at

Hikvision, a Chinese manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, recently patched a backdoor in a slew of its cameras that could have made it possible for a remote attacker to gain full admin access to affected devices.

An anonymous reader writes: They might seems small and relatively insignificant, but cheap wireless web cams deployed in houses and offices (and connected to home and office networks) might just be the perfect way in for attackers.

Researchers from the Vectra Threat Lab have demonstrated how easy it can be to embed a backdoor into such a web cam, with the goal of proving how Io T devices expand the attack surface of a network.

With this vulnerability an attacker can reset the root password.

Then using the default open ftp server, the attacker can download configuration files, modify these files and upload them again.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) disclosed the vulnerabilities in an advisory on Friday, assigning the highest possible CVSS rating, 10.0 to the improper authentication vulnerability.

The password in configuration file issue, meanwhile, received a high severity 8.8 rating.

Never leave the Telnet access enabled when having the Network Camera installed on a public site."[3] Axis' developer site (where a compiler and other development tools can be downloaded): Core Security Technologies*Core Security Technologies develops strategic security solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and military organizations.

The company offers information security software and services designed to assess risk and protect and manage information assets.

They are working with ICS-CERT and other organizations, and it is expected that more details will be communicated soon via those channels.

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