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Gadgets such as remote-controlled curtains, concealed TVs and sound systems littered the house.There were mirrors everywhere — John Lennon liked getting stoned in one of the mirrored lavatories — and a secret passage through the back of a wardrobe to a sauna.

Southern Pacific Gs-4 Steam Locomotive w/ (5) Madison Passenger Cars Includes The Following: Southern Pacific Gs-4 Steam Locomotive w/ TMCC Southern Pacific #9019 Madison Baggage Car Southern Pacific "Arcata Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Half Moon Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Drakes Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Sunset Bay" Madison Observation Car All Are New In Original Boxes.

Norfolk & Western Class J #612 Steam Passenger Set Includes The Following: Norfolk & Western Class J #612 Steam Locomotive Norfolk & Western 4-Car Streamlined Passenger Set Norfolk & Western Baggage Car Norfolk & Western Combo Car Norfolk & Western Duplex Roomette Car All Are New In Original Boxes.

In the Sixties, the Fun Palace — like Lionel — was the epitome of cool.

His songs, including Little White Bull and Big Time, topped the charts and he was the musical genius behind the hit musical Oliver!

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