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They can smell the scent of our vulnerability a zillion miles away. – Not even that really nice guy from work who “understands.” – Not even that really nice woman who has been through her own bad divorce. Sorry to say it, but – dating after dating a sociopath requires a breather. Stick close to those we know – Stick near those who love and support us. It could mean spending time with others who have dated a sociopath in support of one another. Tears, confusion, heart wrenching senseless conflicts will occur – everyday. The fall and the slam into the sidewalk are the trauma – after the fall comes the – inescapable, unavoidable, mandatory time to heal. Then write down every word that comes to your head as you feel them, as they come to mind. During PTSD after a sociopath we’re likely to look to alcohol, weed or other drugs to handle the shock, overwhelm, mind-blowing stress and trauma. Even non-drinkers dive in for a glass or 3 of wine or vodka in the months of PTSD after a sociopath.

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It takes 12-24 months to get your heart back in a good place, and even after that, you might have tough days. The important thing here is to stop blaming yourself. Stop thinking that the psychopath somehow "wins" if you're still hurting. You can settle in, make some friends, and get cozy with this whole recovery thing. It is always painful to lose someone you loved - someone you planned to be with for the rest of your life. Regardless of your abuser's intentions, your love was still very real.

It will take a great deal of time and hope to pull yourself out of the standard post-breakup depression.

It’s not a book focused on those who have been through PTSD, or trauma or grief, but just the ordinary dings and dents we all run into in our lives.

will get us through the backsliding and up-swings and finally, healing. It’s best to have someone who’s been through this nightmare themselves. A hand up out of the mind-blowing shock, the grief that tears us down, the anxiety and fear that eats us alive night and day. It is our inner beauty, strength, kindness and compassion…

Your mind convinces you that if you feel so powerfully, then they must be the only person who will ever make you feel that way.

And when you lose that person, your world completely falls apart. Psychopaths have an intense emotional & sexual bond over their victims.

By keeping them on your mind at all times, you fall into a state of desperate love.

This is unhealthy, and not a sign that the person you feel so strongly about is actually worthy of your love.

This is due to their sexual magnetism, and the way they train your mind to become reliant upon their approval.

By first adoring you in every way, you let down your guard and began to place your self worth in this person.

We’d call it “abuse ” if we were in a real relationship – we were not. We’ve been attacked: targeted, wrapped up and dragged through a world of deceit, lies, deception, betrayal, illusion, delusion by a being with a criminal mind who has no concern for us whatsoever. These aren’t relationships – they’re crimes as yet largely unrecognized by the legal system. Lemon juice in water with raw honey everyday and brewer’s yeast tablets which provide “b” vitamins protecting the brain from stress, go a long way in repairing and safe-guarding our mental and physical health.

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