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Also Note: This unit includes a safety barrier screen with the selected surround option in compliance with 2015 regulations.If you're looking for lots of power without taking up lots of space in your home, you're looking for this Loft See-Through Direct Vent Gas Fireplace.You will need to choose a surround from the drop down menu on the item's page, and you will need to purchase the venting components separately, which will be listed under "Venting Components" on the item's page.

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Fireplace Maintenance Guide The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Fireplace5 Common Mistakes Contractors Make Gas Fireplace and Stove Buying Guide How to Choose the Right Venting for Your Fireplace How to Install a Fireplace: The Ultimate DIY Guide We are imagining installing this in a bathroom, beside the tub, with a one foot space between the closest tub edge and the front face of the fireplace.

The fireplace would be "raised" to be visible to the tub occupant.

How much would stick out on each side if it was centered? The flue pipe will be 4" inner diameter, 6 5/8" outer diameter.

The blower will indeed circulate heat between both sides.

This handy heating appliance features a contemporary see-through design and a modern, efficient burner that cranks out up to 30,000 BTU's of input to meet all of your heating needs. It comes with a variable remote that allows you to manipulate included features like flame level, the dimmer accent light, and blower speed.

The black porcelain liner amplifies the flames' appearance within the fireplace, the convenient RF controls eliminate the need for a standing pilot, plus it carries a 3-year limited warranty to offer long-term peace of mind.

While the appliance is not listed for outdoor use, this can be installed between a bathroom and bedroom.

This fireplace can indeed be terminated horizontally, if the positioning of the horizontal exterior wall is located close enough to the fireplace.

We would like something that is maybe 24-30 inches width and have it vent through the outside wall.

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