La camra planque speed dating

For example, if you were lucky enough to be in Dubai last April, you could have reserved a spot on an Uber YACHT for 300 AED (roughly ). If you're a top level business executive, you may have a personal assistant who helps with all the tasks you're too busy to do.

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First class can be so boring sometimes; why not book your own private jet?

Jet Smarter wants to be the Uber for private jets, and while the on-demand aspect isn't quite as simple as Uber -- you can't just have a jet pick you up where you are -- the app handles all the booking from a clean mobile interface.

They can also fill up the gas, wash your car, or change the oil.

Luxe operates in several US cities including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin.

The service is mainly promotional and it lets riders request anything from a water taxi to a luxury yacht straight from the Uber app.

Uber BOAT services come and go and are always localized.But thanks to its app and VC backing, the service feels like it belongs in Silicon Valley (even though it's based in Montreal).Luxury Retreats has a wide selection of beach villas, mansions, and countryside estates. The company treats its butlers as full or part-time W2 workers with benefits. Alfreds aren't just helpers picked off the street, either.Use the app to say where you're going to be, and a Luxe valet will be there to take your car when you arrive (look for the eye-piercing blue jacket).

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