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An EA spokesman said Forscutt was chosen following a Zoo Weekly magazine competition late last year in which readers could win the chance to "hang out with Krystal", eat pizza and play Need For Speed: Carbon, one of the previous titles in the series."It's a fantastic achievement for her to be included considering this is one of EA's flagship titles and that her digital image will be viewed by millions of people around the world who will see and play the game," the spokesman said.

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"To be honest I'm not much of a gamer but my sister and brother are.

I'm so unco it's not funny and I don't even drive, which is the ironic thing." In Vancouver, Forscutt was photographed from all angles to allow EA to create a digital 3D rendering of her body, capable of mimicking her movements and mannerisms.

“This was my 2nd miscarriage in around 7 months and only now do I have the courage to share this in the hopes that other women might support one another." The mother-of-one shared a snap of herself prior to her miscarriage.

#latergram this is a shot taken a few months ago, it was the day before my 12 week scan, the day before I found out that this little Angel's heart beat was no longer This was my 2nd miscarriage in around 7 months and only now do I have the courage to share this in the hopes that other woman might support one another and hopefully to encourage you to take a moment before you ask "those" questions, the ones we are all guilty of asking, like as soon as someone is married "when will you have the baby? " After going through this, I have now realised that it's not some box that you tick that determines how many children you will have,it's an emotional, unpredictable journey and it's completely out of your control.

IGN AU: So what was the actual process of putting you into the game?

Krystal Forscutt: I think everyone's under the impression that they put me in some kind of body suit, but basically they just filmed me doing normal movements, like walking, jumping and raising my hands for the flag, because in the game, basically I'm just a flag girl.She doesn't drive or play video games, but former Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt has been chosen as one of two females to feature in the new Need For Speed racing game, Pro Street.Forscutt, who since leaving the Big Brother house last year has modelled for men's magazines and appeared on celebrity singing show It Takes Two, will play a "flag girl" in the popular street racing title."They want someone that not only looks the part but will also be able to be a bit more friendly with the crowd and everything," she said.Pro Street will be the 15th game in the Need For Speed franchise; celebrities who have appeared in previous games in the series include Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II), Josie Maran (Van Helsing), Brooke Burke (E! The other female to feature in Pro Street is Sayoko Ohashi, a Japanese model who Forscutt described as "lovely" and "gorgeous".IGN AU: So that's a big part of your role in the game? IGN AU: So you'd be the Australian face of the game essentially? And then there's another girl that's also in the game. IGN AU: So the yanks didn't get someone in the game?

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