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If you want to play dirty, as in the case of , don’t provide enough beds for all the house guests to have their own.I’m sure there are contestants who will make out with someone for less than a good night’s sleep.

In short, no matter what, saying, “We think you’d be great for this show” is tantamount to telling a girl, “Hey, you look dumb! ” Chris quickly declined, but I was reluctant to say no. We drew a nude model (when this happened, the geeks collectively blushed so hard that it raised the temperature of the room by 10 degrees).

I debated extensively with myself about whether or not it was a good idea to audition. And at one point we even danced on a yacht while a helicopter flew by and filmed us.

The British producer has worked with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Wale to Solange. It diminishes the music.” These collaborations can create some serious fire, so we look forward to seeing what they can produce.

SZA is also going to be working with the Australian rock band, Tame Impala.

It was more like something that jumped into my lap, like an energetic puppy.

Actually, it was more like something that plopped onto my shoulder, like bird poop.

The best answer I have ever been able to muster is this: I don’t think being a geek is necessarily a bad thing.

Being on the show was definitely not something that I actively sought out.

They were tan, gorgeous, well-dressed, and, most noticeable of all, did not seem to be the least bit stressed out about studying for an upcoming organic chemistry exam. Immediately, it seemed like we were about to hear some sort of a scam. You see, the premise of the show is this: Girls who have looks but don’t excel at academics are paired with guys who are smart but socially awkward.

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