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These disparities can be attributed both to the tendency of Travellers to have larger families as well as their inferior economic status and lack of adequate health care.One of the major issues concerning Travellers is that of accommodation and the reaction of the mainstream Irish community to their way of life.

Unfortunately, the current recession means that their situation is unlikely to improve any time in the near future.

The 2006 Census records the number of Travellers usually resident in Ireland as 23,509, though this figure has been disputed due to the manner in which the relevant question was posed.

They also were accused of obtaining health benefits under Medicaid by submitting false information on applications, and of doing the same to get loans to buy vehicles and sometimes rolling back the odometers of vehicles they traded or sold, according to the indictment.

Similarly, false information was used to obtain health and life insurance policies, whose purchases also constituted money-laundering because they were paid for with money obtained through other criminal acts, the indictment says.

They worked frauds involving car purchases, life insurance, food stamps, Medicaid and federal income tax returns, according to court filings. District Judge Michelle Childs told the Irish Travelers entering pleas – mostly women – that she would sentence them at a later date. Most, if not all, will face some time in prison because of the seriousness and lengthy period of time over which the crimes were committed, federal prosecutors have said. Instead of fighting the charges after receiving target letters – notices that the government has gathered evidence and planned to prosecute them for a crime – the Irish Travelers hired lawyers and negotiated plea deals, May said.

They also engaged in money laundering and “structuring” – keeping their bank withdrawals and deposits under ,000 so the transactions would not be reported to federal authorities. The guilty pleas are noteworthy because they showed the defendants recognized the government had overwhelming evidence, Assistant U. “They came forward, and they said, ‘You got us,’” said May.

Alternative calculations, using the 2002 census figure as a base, estimated that Irish Travellers probably number over 25,000 today.

In terms of demographic data, it is perhaps the age profile of Travellers which is the most notable.

The plea agreements were filed with the US District Court in Columbia on Thursday.

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