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“Color of skin doesn’t matter to me,” Collins said.“Color is something we look at as humans, but it’s not something I base my life on.

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In 2010, nearly 22 percent of all new marriages in the West and 21.2 percent in Washington state were interracial, the Pew study found.

The rate was 13.9 percent in the South, 12.6 percent in the Northeast and 11.1 percent in the Midwest.

Interracial marriage is more acceptable today than it was in past generations.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say it would be acceptable if a member of their family were to marry someone outside their own racial or ethnic group, according to Pew.

Who’s the person checking to make sure there are interracial couples celebrated on screen then? The second piece to this ban is the overarching issue of black cinema as a whole.

I can’t help but think about the recent uproar over the all-black remake of A Streetcar Named Desire and ask, what is it about all-black cinema that’s so threatening anyway?

In 1986, only one-third of the public viewed intermarriage as acceptable for everyone, including members of their own family, according to Pew.

Other surveys show young people are more “colorblind” than their parents were, which, in turn, may make them more open to marrying someone of another race, said Lindsey Wilkinson, an assistant professor of sociology at Portland State University. Collins, who is black, said he dated women of different races before meeting his fiancée Randi King, 24, who is white.

What was missing in that discussion was an understanding of why such pageants are needed and how white beauty is celebrated in an exclusionary fashion on a non-stop basis.

It’s just that when something has been the status quo for so long and those images look like the ones you see in the mirror, it’s not so easy to pick out what’s wrong with the picture.

“The French state has had a sociopolitical strategy which favors interracial relationships rather than valuing communities,” the note reads.

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