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Always use the right hand to pass or accept anything.The left is traditionally “dirty” because of its washroom connections.

You may hear Malaysians criticize their own government, but you do not need to take sides; just listen and feel free to talk about your feelings about your own government. Different ethnic groups address each using different names. In the case of the wife, both her family name and her husband's family name is used. The traditional greeting or salam resembles a handshake with both hands but without the grasp.

5) Do be wary that same-sex relationships are a taboo subject in Malaysia. It is normal to see people in the tourist industry to greet visitors by placing their right hand over the left breast. To avoid confusion, ask a person how they want toe be addressed. or Miss first followed by the family name (which comes first). The Chinese handshake is light and may be rather prolonged.

It is advisable for ladies when entering places of worship to wear long sleeves and loose pants or long skirts.

3) Do pay careful attention to your attire if you’re female.

Malaysians are viewed as polite and helpful people with a sunny disposition that matches the hot tropical climate.

Visitors behaving courteously stand little chance of unintentionally giving offence, but if visiting rural areas and especially someone’s private home, it helps to know something about the local norms.

Wearing hot pants and vests on the islands where Malaysians are used to foreigners has become accepted, but it may invite harassment elsewhere.

At mainland beaches, bring a wrap-around as well as a swimsuit so you won’t feel conspicuous; Malay women usually go swimming fully dressed and some keep their scarves on.

It caused a big rupture across the country, with many declaring the show’s “sexy” image as “anti-Islamist”, as Among the most outraged were opposition political party Islamist Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), whose youth wing claimed that Gomez’s show would “further stoke the hedonistic culture among the country’s youths”, and placed the blame squarely on fellow opposition parties Democratic Action Party (DAP), and the centrist Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

“They were excited about the Selena Gomez concert, disregarding views from PAS, Muslims and Muslim NGOs,” claimed Aubidullah Fahim Ibrahim, a member of the Shah Alam chapter of the PAS youth wing.

When being introduced to someone of the opposite sex, nodding the head and smiling is usually sufficient. "Koran states the right hand is more honorable.” 3) Public displays of affection between different sexes is frowned upon. 5) Don't cross your legs in front of an older people and don't step over someone with crossed legs who is sitting down. Intimate behaviour in public is a definite no-no, too, particularly in rural and less liberal areas.

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