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I said I hope you’re not mad, I just couldn’t help it because you’re like everything I love on a woman and that you’re so damn hot and I shouldn’t think like that because you’re my Aunt.

Then I said if you weren’t my Aunt, Uncle would have some competition.

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I felt so relieved like a huge weight off my chest.

But when I told her that it kicked my feelings into hyper space for her.

But Missy told me to talk to her Mom and tell her and that Aunty Tammy wouldn’t get mad.

That day I asked my Aunt if I could talk to her for a minute and it was really important.

She has long dirty blond hair, she was always on the thick side, not fat, thick.

Nice big ass and big beautiful tits and all the meat in the right places.Those tits were so big and beautiful and that ass was so hot.She had some hair on her pussy and I was never one for hair but on her it was fucking beautiful.The good things started happening when I moved in with her, my Uncle, and my Cousins.Living with people eventually everyone becomes comfortable around each other.She just looked at me and smiled and said of course I’m not mad, why would I be.

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