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Textbook content, length, and classroom utilization in Japan is quite different than in the United States.

The content of Japanese textbooks is based upon the national curriculum, while most American texts tend to cover a wider array of topics.

The percentage of national funding for high schools is quite low, with prefectures and municipalities assuming most of the costs for public high schools.

High salaries, relatively high prestige, and low birth rates make teaching jobs quite difficult to obtain in Japan while in the United States there are teacher shortages in certain fields.

In Japan almost all students are admitted to high school based upon entrance examination performance.

Since entering a high-ranked high school increases a student's chance of university admission or of obtaining a good job after high school graduation, over half of Japanese junior high students attend private cram schools, or to supplement their examination preparations.

This Digest is an introductory overview of 1) Japanese educational achievements, 2) Japanese K-12 education, 3) Japanese higher education, 4) contemporary educational issues, and 5) significant U. Japan's greatest educational achievement is the high-quality basic education most young people receive by the time they complete high school.

Although scores have slightly declined in recent years, Japanese students consistently rank among world leaders in international mathematics tests.Municipalities and private sources fund kindergartens, but national, prefectural, and local governments pay almost equal shares of educational costs for students in grades one through nine.Almost 90 percent of students attend public schools through the ninth grade, but over 29 percent of students go to private high schools.Japanese Educational Achievements Japanese K-12 Education Japanese Higher Education Contemporary Educational Issues Significant Comparative Education Topics References It is important for teachers and students to develop a broad understanding of Japanese education.Americans who are knowledgeable of teaching and learning in Japan gain insights about a different culture and are better able to clearly think about their own educational system.Most university-bound students attend separate academic high schools while students who definitely do not plan on higher education attend separate commercial or industrial high schools.

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