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Once a person knows sign, I consider not signing while speaking around a deaf person to be rather rude. There can be some awkwardness in new social situations, hearing or not, but I would want to be a part of her group of friends and have her a part of mine. When I was a kid, there was a deaf girl who lived near us and we became quite good friends, had a blast together and seemed to have no probs communicating that I can recall. Again, I don't actively seek out deaf persons, but if I became friends with someone I wouldn't avoid it. wow i read all messages and they were very interesting and they have their own opinions bout this .. i grew up accepting people so easy when they are around me.. i thank my mom for teaching me to be true to myself and stand up what i believe.. i hate that term now because i know i can do anything except hear.. Too funny...those two things actually make it HARDER to understand someone!

Hopefully they would end up overlapping to some degree. I am not hearing impaired but have experience with lots of people ( and animals ) dealing with disservice down this avenue daily. Unfortunately, we moved to the other side of the city & I never saw her again.... It's been a while since I've used it but I still remember som eand it would not be hard to pick back up where I left off. thanks for sharing no matter if they are negative.. they sometimes think i am a retarted or somthing like that. tonight i am hosting a POF party in austin on 6th st.. LOL ;)So you sound AWESOME to take on a party planner position..attitude ROCKS and I cannot wait to hear how it went!!!

Therefore, these ‘pointy fingers’ hint at or reveal the unlikelihood that a man’s devotion of almost any woman will develop. Now, obviously those behaviors are more easily detectable during courtship.

But the symptoms can be detected in dating and should raise red flags.

Cinnamon, if this doesn’t respond sufficiently well to your request, let me know. Women already know how to buy in when they want to believe their date is almost Mr. During the dating phase, women should look for behaviors that hint that he’s not likely to fit any of those pointed fingers.

However, I know you ladies read more good signs and red flags in your lives than I can ever imagine. That is, he’s likely to grow in the direction that leads to devotion.

;)I already know some sign language (very little; I remember the dirty words best), but would love to learn more, even if I don't date someone deaf. I've often thought about taking a Sign Language course just for my own benefit...really it's just another language. Thanks for the privvy email, laughin' with your airline story!!

Speaking of gestures, I've amused a couple of casual friends with my tendency to fill in with "descriptive" gestures, since I don't know enough yet. Would I like to be involved in the deaf world or deaf socials? I wouldn't do that with phone calls, but if you ask, I'd give you the gist of the conversation. This last course I'm taking should be the last "official" one that I "have" to take so maybe now, I'll find the time to see that everybody !!!! I can see it now...kinda like when you tell someone you are deaf or hearign impaired and they suddenly are yelling and over enunciating. AFTER , my money was gone and credit cards maxed out she moved on to another guy .

oh, well...answer your thread, though, yes, i would date a deaf person!

i have been trying to teach myself sign language, on and off, for several years now......

It's all part of the package deal; the general challenge of the relationship. Therefore I do not think a person who was deaf would be a problem for me.

I'd have no issue with deafness, but I don't seek it out. I don't seek out or avoid people with glasses, either. Some people are very shallow and probably would not consider it but who would want to be with someone like that anyway?

At post 2055 Her Highness Cinnamon asked for details that reveal a guy’s devotion in the dating phase. There is none except his devotion to his interest and her devotion to her interest.

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