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“I’m thinking I’m either hard to match—wonderful as I am—or this is a geographically undesirable area for me,” says Eddy, who splits her time between homes in Fort Myers and the Panhandle.

The thrilling one-hole golf game at the end of the night, wherein golfers are eliminated at each stage of play, climaxes on the ninth hole green at Lionhead directly in front of Iggy’s pub.

Its to the patio we’ll retire to unwind with a beverage as we celebrate the winner.

Everyone there will be over 25, single and probably more sophisticated than men and women in other scenes.

The short golf game at the end of the evening is expected to be equal parts thrilling and hilarious.

When men and women meet each on a golf course, friendship happens.

What to expect at a Singles Golf Lessons and Mixer event?

What you’ll see is a rare glimpse of the individual without armour, trying something new, and risking tomatoes.

How they behave themselves here will be a very good indicator of how they’ll react to the many other ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ that life may hold for you both.

Do registered participants need to rent or buy or bring any special equipment?

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