Sex boys chat witout login - Generic online dating message

If they are interested they will think they arent cut/copy pasted?

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So wouldn't that just be a waste of their time and mine?

I think most women would respond back to you if you actually wrote something that would engage me into a conversation.

Hell, i get many that aren't even a copy & pasted generic email, they are just one line such as "Hi, how are you? "Have you ever written a 3 paragraph introduction/opening message only to have it read/deleted? That being said I do not cut and paste messages, But i have no problem at all keeping it simple until she expresses mutual interest in communicating.

wasted effort = frustration = not enjoying my time here. Women don't tend to respond to men they're not interested in, regardless of what the guy wrote.

Personally I wish women would have a cut and paste rejection message rather than reading and not replying at all. I often get emails from guys that clearly looks like they wrote something up generically and cut and paste and email it out? Do they seriously think that women are dumb enough not to notice that they are probably sending the same email to multiply people?

Once I saw a profile from another site that looked particularly interesting.

all nice and bright cheerful and positive only to come back thursday to find 30 replies in your inbox full of 'no thanks youre not my type..' you would feel better about yourself..?

you would feel you had had a productive and positive day...?

There are many times that I have written a few messages that are considered to be very long and in depth, but yeah read/deleted.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste so I tend to mention something about their profile, maybe ask a question and leave it at that.

I won't resort to a copy and paste mentality, but I def don't bother writing detailed or "well thought out" messages like I used to.

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