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"Why should we have to do this when there is a law that protects them?

The many free trade agreements that followed the making of the WTO have left a clear mark: together they have granted multiple rights to global corporations.

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Johnson escaped from the brothel, but her asylum claim was rejected and she was deported to Nigeria, where Queen's gangsters were waiting for her. In 1998, Italy passed into law Article 18, which grants residence permits to victims of human trafficking.

But the intense psychological manipulation and physical abuse to which the women are subjected during their journey often dissuades them from trying to obtain a residence permit when they reach Italy.

There is a parallel history that I have researched since the 1990s: if global corporations gain rights, do citizens also?

I now know the answer: No, citizens actually lost rights, even if eventually they gained a few rights (notably for same-sex marriage) but these were not linked to the free-trade treaties.

These firms have worked hard at persuading governments to enable the making of an operational space that allows them to do what they “need” to do.

Governments have basically helped, even though they have understood, because it is increasingly clear, that the jobs are lost or gained is quite secondary to these firms.Evidence gathered in Nigeria by Sister Eugenia Bonetti, who has been internationally recognised as a driving force in the fight against human trafficking, suggests one-in-three women in Benin City, Nigeria, have been approached by local traffickers who promise them non-existent jobs if they go to Europe.Many of the women who agree are then raped, beaten, and psychologically abused by members of the Nigerian mafia that control the trade.The possibility of losing or gaining jobs is the key subject for public discussion in the diverse countries involved.It is critical to many workers and, though a mixed picture, to governments. It is not their issue because what they want is easy access to the particular labor supply or regulatory environment that works to their advantage."They were forced to work in these places for even up to [a] year, often without any contraception.

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