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The media for not sufficiently or persistently reporting on these facts?

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The school system for only graduating 42 per cent of reserve students? For looking down our noses at America and ignorantly thinking, “That would never happen here.” For not acknowledging Canada has a race problem. If we want to fix this, the first step is to admit something is wrong.

Aboriginal men, who have pushed their community’s murder rate past Somalia’s?

There are a couple of unread op-eds, and maybe a Twitter hashtag will skip around for a few days. Yes, we admit there is a governance problem on the reserves.

We might agree that “something” should be done about the missing and murdered women.

Unfortunately, the truth is we have a far worse race problem than the United States. Terry Glavin, recently writing in the , mocked the idea that the United States could learn from Canada’s example when it comes to racial harmony.

To illustrate his point, he compared the conditions of the African-American community to Canada’s First Nations.

In Ottawa a few policy wonks write fretful memos on land claims and pipelines.

But collectively, we don’t say it out loud: “Canada has a race problem.” If we don’t have a race problem then what do we blame?

I knew this had important consequences for myself as well as my son but I felt it was better than living a lie for the rest of my life.

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