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With Reynolds, All released four more albums: 1989’s Allroy's Revenge (which included the single She's My Ex), 1990’s Allroy Saves, 1992’s Percolater, and the 1990 live album Trailblazer.Also during this time, the band recorded New Girl, Old Story, an album with former Descendents member Tony Lombardo under the band name Tonyall.Chad Price is playing in the Colorado alt-country band Drag the River and tours playing bass for Rocky Votolato.

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Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez both live in Fort Collins, Colorado; Stevenson is currently playing with Only Crime and The Lemonheads, and running his own recording studio, The Blasting Room, while Alvarez has contributed bass to The Lemonheads’ 2006 album, Underminer, and has toured with Gogol Bordello.

Stephen Egerton currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his family, running his own studio, Armstrong Records. The first, 40Engine, is with former vocalist Scott Reynolds; another is an instrumental band named Slorder, and he also plays bass and drums with a guitarist named Jason Crowley under the name Crowley/Egerton.

The band were was signed by Epitaph Records shortly after.

At this time, Milo Aukerman, now a full-time biochemist, returned to the Descendents and recorded their 1996 comeback album Everything Sucks, also on Epitaph.

The band lived in a small office complex (as referenced in the Scott Reynolds-penned song "Box"), and toured nearly nonstop.

Following a brief stint in rural Brookfield, Missouri, the band eventually relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado: the centrally-located city made touring the west and east coasts of the country considerably easier.

All briefly joined major label Interscope Records for 1995’s Pummel, but disputes over marketing and promotion of the album ended their relationship quickly.

The song "Million Bucks" was released as a single and a video, but the album ultimately received rather mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

All's mascot is Allroy, a yellow- or green-skinned cartoon character with spiked hair, whorls for eyes, and a large, toothy grin, often depicted engaged in conflict with an anthropormophic musical note.

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