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“Anybody with a heart can watch that and feel good about it,” Funch says.Sachson says the cameras were so successful that now he has to time out the viewers — after four or five minutes of inactivity on the page, the feed stops streaming.

Initially, the technology only allowed for still pictures taken at regular intervals so it acted like a restaurant photo booth, taking snapshots of the patrons and employees.

“It was kind of a cute little thing, getting everyone together in front of the camera so they could see us,” Greenwood says. Viewers get wrapped up in the nuances of each patron’s behavior.

Most of the time you’re not really snooping on anybody who doesn’t want to be looked at, but you don’t know,” Funch says.

“You don’t really know what kind of strange and mysterious things might show up.” Born in Denmark and now living in France after almost two decades in California, Funch, fifty-four, strikes a roguish figure, with a thin face and dark goatee.

In the near-decade that Opentopia has been active, only a handful of owners have asked to have their camera removed, and Funch has obliged.

In fact, Funch says more often people want to be added to the site.

Seth Sachson, forty-four, installed cameras in his Aspen animal shelter and kennel in 2006 as a way to engage both current and potential pet owners.

Funch says this kind of camera appeals to most everyone in part because there’s no anxiety about spying on someone who wants privacy — they’re watching puppies and kittens just being themselves.

Flemming Funch, who created the basic format of the site in a single weekend, followed a whim of listing and displaying feeds from webcams through automated searches, finding cameras that, as he says, were perhaps not meant to be public.

“Part of the intrigue is that we’re never totally sure.

The cameras range from capturing the banal to the bizarre.

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