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A cheater may try to cover his charging trail by switching to online statements or blocking your access to accounts."If you go to call on a credit card, and they've put a password on it that didn't exist before, that's a telltale sign that something is going on," warns Francine Gargano, a family law attorney in Watchung, N. Don't let a little roadblock stop you; use the information you do have, says Winston.A vast majority of those surveyed had no confidence or very little confidence that records of their activity would remain secure, with the lowest confidence scores coming for online-only businesses — online advertisers, social media sites, video sites, and search engines.

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Once we have that, we can a plan a surveillance." Don't mind the balk: checking statements is your right If you're married, you have a right to know what is going on financially -- and that means accessing both joint and individual accounts at will. What happens when your spouse has made it particularly difficult to locate banking statements?

Consider it a warning sign -- as are statements that used to be mailed to your home and are now rerouted to a post office box.

When you tell the person what you've found, "you'll be confronted with why you were snooping," she warns.

"So approach things carefully -- you don't know how dangerous of a situation you could be in." Remove your name from co-signed accounts and close them completely if you can as well.

Pay special attention to ATM withdrawals on the checking account statements, too, says Bourne.

"For debit cards, it will list where money has been drawn.

In the screenshot, ROR[RG] asks for 70 bitcoin (worth a little under ,000) for the full Adult Friend Finder dataset with credit card information included.

He also offers to do an identical hack on any company’s databases for 750 bitcoin (around 0,000).

A lone hacker known as ROR[RG] uploaded fifteeen spreadsheets worth of passwords, birthdays, email addresses, and zip codes — along with the aforementioned sexual preferences and fetishes — of Adult Friend Finder users, allegedly because the site owed his friend money.

Auernheimer subsequently tweeted the names, locations, and occupations of select Adult Friend Finder users.

Among the red flags are unexplained and implausible charges for: Indeed, some expenditures will stand out dramatically (it's tough to justify Victoria's Secret purchases for a client), but others might not be such obvious markers. In the case of an unusually expensive gas bill, for example, ask about it and listen for nonsensical excuses.

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