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CK score at the time was like 747 when I got the card.Student loans 5k, car loan 16k, credit cards about 1k.Interest is high but if you make a payment of 0 or more it cancels out interest some type of way.

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She said no, but that they could waive the late fees if I call in later.

So they know I'm going to get the late fee, but won't do a thing to change it and the only way to not pay it is for me to go through a bunch of nonsense. The card itself offers great rewards from Banana Republic.

These are small amounts, in total over the last 7 months there have been $1,000 in charges from the SAME fraud perpetrator.

I tried three times to report the first set of charges: 1) Rep didn't report it to the fraud department, 2) Rep sent it to the fraud department but didn't take the charges off of my card AND the fraud department forgot to start the investigation and 3) FINALLY, a rep took the charges off and got the investigation going. A couple of weeks after the investigation another $500 charge was made by the same people - I assume if this had been reported properly it wouldn't have happened.

If you shop in GAP Inc., stores this is a great card especially if you have good credit and can get the VISA because there are plenty of bonus perks.

This month it is 100 bonus points for each transaction outside of GAP.

There are two Banana Republic credit cards: the Banana Republic Visa, which can be used anywhere Visa is accpeted, and the Banana Republic Store Card, which can only be used at Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Paperlime.

You generally need at least „good” credit to get the Visa and „fair” credit to get the store card.

She said no, but she could mail me a statement that would take 10 days to arrive.

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