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," the Attorney General answered: "None of the three would be authorized to administer drugs of any description. Anybody may call himself ' ' doctor ' ' pro- viding he does not claim to be a medical doctor and does not attempt to evade the State medical licensing law. The ten-man committee is composed of five pharmacists and five dentists. Next meeting of the committee will be early in February. Eudy has always had a burning ambition to help other people. Robeson Society Holds Christmas Party The Eobeson Pharmacists Society held its annual Christmas Party & Ladies Night in Lumber ton on December 3. Similarly, a customer who goes into a hardware store for a ^ inch drill doesn 't want a % inch drill. • Pharmacist writes he has found a solution to complaints about high prescription prices, particularly those qualifying for tranquilizers.

' ' The medical licensing law forbids the practice of medicine or surgery without a license but permits certain specifically named groups to practice in related fields : 1. Anahist Company Announces Scholarship Program The Anahist Company, Inc., Yonkers, New York has announced details of an Anahist Pharmacy Scholarship Fund to be sponsored in North Carolina by the Company. At that time, the sub- committees will report on the progress of their work. ' ' When I left the drug store I knew there was something else for me to do, ' ' he said. Following dinner, Gordon Cashwell, Lum- berton Postmaster, spoke to the group. ' ' Tranquilized customers ' ' are not allergic to the cash register, so states our pharmacist.

The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy In New Location King Moves to Hew 100000 Sq. Parking areas adjacent to the King Build- ing will easily accommodate 100 cars, and for customers who want service in double-quick time, drive-in space has been provided in the basement of the building.

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Your Customers Deserve The Best In Photo Finishing You Can Be Assured You Are Providing Your Customers with Finishing That Is "Truly the Finest in Snapshots" if You Are Served by Either of Two of North Carolina's Largest and Best Equipped Photo Finishing Plants. (Warning: May be habit forming)— most effective common ingredient for stopping coughs. -best- known antihistamine to check early cold symptoms, sneezing, watering eyes and many oher histamine effects. In 1953 he moved to Cabarrus hospital and soon picked right up where he had left off in Gastonia.

The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy dental Preparations in general use in the U. Dwayne and his brother, Luke, also pharmacist, operate the Elk Pharmacy ii Elkin. He noticed that the students weren't paying much attention to the church, so he made up his mind to try to do something about it. It wasn't long before the nurses themselves were taking part in the Sunday morning worship services and the mid-week vesper services.

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You may have very clear ideas about what style you want your wedding photographs to be in and so this will make it easier for you to choose a. The job of a graphic designer is to give your brand a reliable identity and credibility, taktaz paypal kirjautuminen, thus making it easy for customers to remember and choose among various brands.

THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA ENDOWED BY JOHN SPRUNT HILL CLASS OF 1889 C615.05 C29 v.33 1957 UNIVERSITY OF N. AT CHAPEL HILL 00C39559708 This book must not be taken from the Library building. Traditionally a favorite with physi- cians for long-term vitamin and mineral prophylaxis in geriatric patients, GERIPLEX supplies eight important vitamins, together with six important minerals, rutin and the starch-digestant Taka-Diastase.® With its balanced, comprehensive formulation, it is also widely pre- scribed to meet therapeutic needs during febrile illness, convales- cence, or whenever the possibility of vitamin-mineral deficiency is increased. Margaret Riley Bob Wells Hattie B Hartsook Your Justice Drug Company Telephone Sales Personnel brings New Years Greetings and look forward to getting better acquainted via telephone during 1957. Caffeine V2 gr.— a recognized protection against depressive effects of colds and other suffering. He extends a personal invitation to all of them to attend the half -hour service in the orthopedic clinic at A. Eudy usually leads the service; however, on several occasions student nurses have taken over. A different minister is invited in each week to make the talk.

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This decision of Eastman is so important, we reproduce three significant paragraphs from its January 1 letter, which ought to be read and re-read until the implications of the situation become evident. In ad- dition, cramped quarters at the rear of the building as well as a narrow access road hampered the incoming and outgoing de- liveries.

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