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1, 1999; released Let There Be Eve Ruff Ryder's First Lady, 1999; released Scorpion, 2001; released Eve–Olution, 2002.Television appearances include: Third Watch, 2003; Eve, UPN, 2003—; One on One, 2004.

claim a successful middle ground between hip–hop women who have embraced feminism and neo–soul and those who trade on a tough image and sex appeal.

Her success has reached beyond music: she has shot several films and stars in a television comedy named after her.

[Stevie J] Uh, uh, uh Yo Eve [Eve] Hey nigga check this here I'm about to give it to you real clear E-V-E ain't about the bullshit Game playin, wanna be a third nigga do it elsewhere Oh so what you tryna make me bitter Shit better act right I'll pull another nigga I don't want no little boy I ain't no babysitter You want a chicken?

Go ahead make her lay your eggs nigga Cause I ain't with that I'll leave you lonely, crying Huh baby you dig that?

As a kid, she toured Philadelphia talent shows in the all–girl singing group Dope Girl Posse, but switched to rapping at the age of 13. p=amg&uid=UIDSUB040312131553210342&sql=B5m5tk6ax9kr0 (March 6, 2004).

"I did any talent show, ever," she told Rolling Stone 's Touré. If I won last week, [I'd be] back." She and her friend, Jennifer Pardue, performed as the rap duo Edjp (which stood for Eve of Destruction Jenny–Poo and was pronounced Egypt) as teenagers.

Her first album, Let There Be Eve Ruff Ryder's First Lady, released in late 1999, debuted at number one—making her one of the few female rappers to accomplish that feat—and sold more than two million copies.

Touré, reviewing the album in Rolling Stone, described her as having "an oven–roasted voice, smooth flows and a thuggish attitude for days." The album ranged from drinking and partying anthems to a fantasy about taking revenge on a friend's abusive boyfriend ("Love Is Blind") to her father's absence and her youthful attraction to older men: "Didn't have a daddy/So I put a daddy in his space," she rapped on "Heaven Only Knows." Mostly produced by Ruff Ryder member Swizz Beatz, the debut album featured the Ryders' tough, fast signature sound.

"They made me write and recite, write and recite," Eve told Newsweek's Lorraine Ali. You had to prove yourself to them, and that's what made me a better MC." Eve's song "What Y'all Want" appeared on the Ruff Ryders' top–selling compilation Ryde or Die Vol.

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