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Like there was a point when Oprah Winfrey was criticising hip hop.So, on one passage, I speak of the generation-gap being widened when one generation is pointing its finger at the other and discrediting it.

So I just wanted to make a statement that I think itâs time for a rebirth and refocusing of energy, to try and bring it back to an artistic height where itâs also parallel to where weâre at in a socio-political sense right now.

You know, people here in The States are chanting about change and wanting things to get on a better track.

Chris Lighty Speaks on How He Started Violator (Video)In 2003, A Tribe Called Quest united for a single, “I C U (Doin’ It).” Released by Chris Lighty’s Violator Entertainment, through Jive Records.

The seasoned executive and TV personality confirmed that a sixth album from A Tribe Called Quest is coming soon, and is both “great” and “something special.” The news broke care of a Rap Radar Podcast episode, with limited details—other than the fact that all four founding members were involved, prior to Phife Dawg’s March death. Hitting store shelves nearly 18 years ago, that remains Tribe’s latest album—but not the group’s last music.

While on the Raphael Saadiq track âWe Fight/We Loveâ, the second verse is about a kid in America whoâs 19 and a little bit disenfranchised. So he decides to join the armed forces, goes to Iraq, and winds up having to deal with the whole situation out there.

So, you know, the albumâs just chock full of different, interesting stuff.

And I feel very honoured and privileged to have been able to contribute in such a way that, 20 years on, what we did back then is still a reference-point.

You know, when we started out, hip hop music was basically all about James Brown samples.

And I felt that what Iâm doing was kinda synonymous with that.

So ultimately I hope this album becomes like the first in a series of recordings that speak to this character I call âThe Renaissance Manâ.

But then we came along and were able to bring out the jazz legends like Quincy Jones, Donald Byrd, Coltrane, Miles Davis Stanley Clarke...

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