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If that happened today, he would have gotten the business end of a taser.

Truth is, scoring airtime for advertising during a Super Bowl isn’t cheap (roughly 3 million for a 30 second ad) so they to be hilarious and memorable. He starts the car with his hands (thanks to Dad and his remote engine starter).

If not, advertisers might as well flush their money down the toilet. In this modern classic commercial, a cute little kid dressed as Star Wars’ Darth Vadar tries to use The Force on his dog and on his sister’s doll, to no avail. The kid looks startled and amazed by his newfound powers. The Force was definitely with VW when it created this ad—it had over 2 million hits just one day after it aired.

These little infants made their on-screen debuts at a young age and used their pudgy cheeks and lovable antics to help companies boost their sales. Marketing veeps know that us humans are hardwired to find babies utterly irresistible (even when they’re naughty) and advertisers have no problem using this to their advantage when it comes time to get creative with Super Bowl commercials.

In Super Bowl’s past, we’ve seen babies help sell cars, Doritos, cameras and even investment advice.

The spot is made by the facial expressions of the main head and the singing of the second head—and that song, which will become this year's "Give me back that Filet of Fish." Me? So Chevy's finally got a hot little car that can compete with Toyota, Honda and even Ford. It should have the Mtn Dew-slurping, X-Games-watching crowd (or the Gen Xers and Boomers who pretend to be) rushing to the web to see each stunt in its full glory.

This spot, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, trumps sibling Honda's for a couple of key reasons.

It’s not clear what makes these tiny tots such experts on these products, but they’re so cute and funny that we’re inclined to believe them.

Last year’s roster was a bit lacking in the baby department.

Will advertisers bring more babes – I mean babies – back to star in Super Bowl 2016? Go Pro shows us the possibilities for filming our little babies with their new, versatile camera.

Meanwhile a look back at the best baby commercials from Super Bowl’s past…. With neat camera angles and a techno soundtrack, a baby walker never looked this cool.

But will the 2016 commercials surpass some of the previous years' ads in terms of viewer popularity?

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