Does the rla need updating

@andrewseguin considering @Dzmitry Shylovich's PR is safe to merge, could you raise the priority of this issue. Sorry for bothering during the holidays Good afternoon! When debugging my own code stil left me blocked, I turned to the web and found this thread.

I believe this is pretty much how tabs component will be used in the most of the apps. It changed the way I was looking at the issue and that helped me find a way to work around it in the immediate term.

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are checked for null/undefined values as a guard, before doing the active Link testing. The reason again is for safety, so that we are only updating the nav bar's active link when the view / content is ready.

Has anyone raised this as an issue in the repo yet? Haven't had time to test yet but, what do you all think?

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which explains why "this.links.changes.some( )" causes "Cannot read property 'some' of undefined" to be thrown--it isn't injected by the time the first call to is Active() expects it to be there, and the implementation of is Active( ) doesn't have a defensive check allowing it to return false when it's called so early.

I confirmed that adding that undefined check in is Active( ) solved my issue, but modifying the framework isn't really a viable workaround.

I haven't enough time to draft an example at the moment.

I will follow up with one later on if this description is unclear, but want to offer what I have now in the meantime.

The property annotated with @View Children is "this.links".

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