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The biggest mistake that we make is, expecting to become like HRITHIK ROSHAN overnight.But, do we ever realise how many years we have contributed to reach this present state of obesity?


The women who actually make up their minds and gather the courage to TAKE A CHANCE end up either ISSAPOINTED or SCARRED. Because of the SECOND main reason, the maturity of MEN has to improve by leaps and bounds.

Majority of the men automatically perceive that women who have registered on ONLINE SITES are AVAILABLE and only approach them with the intention of pursuing a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP or have a casual FLING in mind.

Another factor that I find necessary to mention at this point in our conversation is the wide gap of the MEN TO WOMEN RATIO, especially in our country.

Due to this factor, the women are in great demand and get access to almost all the services on a majority of sites for FREE and aren’t accessible to men who are FREE MEMBERS.

People, in a majority of cases never TURN OUT TO BE THE SAME IN REALITY...

what they would have portrayed about themselves VIRTUALLY!Well, we’re trying to learn SWIMMING in the absence of WATER! With Regards, Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj The Coach I’m obese. People make fun of my personality and I can’t bear it. Body shamed Let me share my own personal life with you.I was in the SAME EXACT phase of my life and here’s how I overcame it.The first step is to accept that we are in this situation and calmly chalk out what’s going to work for us.The next step is to take BABY steps, not GIANT leaps.Call me crazy, but somewhere I feel that some of these sites PREY on our INSECURITIES and have managed to create an opportunity to earn profits, while there are also some companies that are trying to offer a GENUINE SERVICE. Both our society and online dating haven’t quite matured to the required level to function effectively and definitely needs time.

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