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Your broker might not notify you of the requirement to do the paperwork, is unable or unwilling to do the paperwork, or things simply get lost in the mail.

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The short seller is supposed to pay me whatever I would have gotten on the shares if I would not have lend them out. My broker doesn’t know how much if any money I got and the same goes for the depository.

So he would be on the hook for the $0.51/share payment. And even if they would know, can they fix it on an account by account basis?

Luckily for me Interactive Brokers proved to be quite capable in handeling this weird situation.

As a result the second liquidation payment contains a nice windfall profit for those who did manage to do all the paperwork.

I sold my position for something like $0.30/share which was a substantial windfall since I estimated liquidation distributions to be roughly $1.20/share while I bought the stock around $1.00/share.

Part of the reason that the stock continued trading at an elevated level was probably the involvement of a fund that apparently bought approximately one million shares after the record date.

After paying an initial liquidation distribution last year the trustee sent a letter to shareholders that they would be required to fill out an equity distribution form and a form W8/W9 in 180 days in order to be eligible for future distributions.

This piece of paperwork proved a bit tricky to complete.

If I would claim ownership of 100 shares, and person X would claim ownership of 100 shares the liquidation trust is going to pay money to the same shares twice.

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