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Yet despite all that, you’ve still found a way to do what you love, which is filmmaking.In fact, your short film “Passengers” earned you the Best Filmmaker title at the Disability Film Challenge last year. I actually used to drive for Lyft for extra money and I somehow came across the 48-Hour Film Challenge, where, like it says, you have 48 hours to complete a short film.

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Luckily, he had a few minutes to chat with us about his experiences as a gay deaf man of color, the L. dating scene, and whether he prefers Grindr or Scruff. I’m not fully considered just because of my deafness.

It’s funny because I look “normal” and my deafness isn’t visible until I start gesturing with my hands.

—when Jonathan Groff joined, I saw that he and Lea Michele had been in this show together.

So I got the CD and listened to it, but I couldn’t understand what they meant...“Mama who bore me, mama who gave me,” was like, .

He’s a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, an avid hiker, biker and weight-lifter, and a total comic book/super hero geek. “I face a lot of interesting challenges,” he said in an exclusive interview.

“At times, I do feel invisible, which can be frustrating.

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Whether you are deaf, HOH, read lips, know ASL, know BSL or you are studying to be an interpreter, Deaf Online Dating is one of the better sites to choose from, with photos, webcam features and much more! Meet Deaf Singles If you are looking to meet deaf and hearing impaired singles in your local area, then you should definitely check out 'Meet Deaf Singles'.

With roughly two months left of the production's limited run, sat down with Castille and Stewart (with the help of ASL interpreter Candace Broecker Penn) to chat about their experience.

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