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Things are going to go on for a while before that, and that hadn't occurred to me before. Why is Abraham so confident that Sasha will return his affection?

And what about Abraham and Rosita (Christian Serratos)? Where has Abraham's head been this season up until this point?

Cudltz: It's a huge component of who he is, someone who is not quiet.

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However, when the group encounters an unexpected ambush by some hostile locals with automatic weapons, Daryl gets separated from the other two.

Check out TV's biggest fake-out deaths While Daryl spends most of the episode in a burned-out forest fighting with and eventually helping (only to be double-crossed) three escapees from the group that was firing at our heroes, Sasha and Abraham decided to hole up and let Daryl's tracking abilities lead him back to them.

"If you have a roof over your head, you have food, you have choices," she tells Abraham.

"And without walkers and bullets and sh-- hitting the fan, you're accountable for them. It's just with all that other noise, you know people won't notice." The next morning, while out scavenging, Abraham finds a military truck filled with guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Cudlitz: It's going to be f---ing time to take care of business.

Sh-- went bad, but it didn't go as bad as it could've gone.

I don't think he knows, and that's going to evolve over this season, him finding what it means to live more than just for the moment, just for today, just to survive.

What does it mean to move forward and what does it mean to actually live a life worth living? To get back into the muck of it so he could avoid that downtime?

But Sunday's episode, while still failing to solve this season's biggest burning question, did take the time to inject a little sliver of happiness — and maybe even a little bit of love.

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