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She founded Famous Frocks when she was 25, and had her three children with her business partner.She raises the children alone, and has since set up her own women’s fashion brand, Prodigal Fox, with her children.

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Background: Grainne grew up in Northern Ireland with four siblings, and had a child when she was 16 years old.

She went back to school a month after having her baby, and got a degree in make-up.

She went on to found a children’s clothing company, The Pud, and is attempting to be an unconventional ‘WAG’.

How she has fared: Her engagement with clients and research skills impressed Lord Sugar, but she lost her first six tasks.

She then won one task, selling boats, but her disastrous record continued when she went back to losing.

She has said that she is just ‘waiting to win the big one’.She does make-up for feature films and video shoots, and runs her own make-up studio near her parent’s home.How she has fared: She impressed Lord Sugar early on by taking over as project manager in the corporate candy task, but struggled to make decisions when project manager of a task based at the Liberty department store, and appeared to get drunk on a gin-making task.She was taken into the boardroom after the first two tasks, and looked set to leave the competition when she struggled to speak in front of Lord Sugar.However, her confidence grew after winning the sweets task and Karren Brady has since described her as ‘steely’.Eventually he decided to start his own business which he did after taking a year out in Australia.

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