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Ray essentially broke up with himself during "The Fallen," after which he lent Felicity his jet. From there, Felicity and Oliver set off with Diggle and Merlyn to take mostly-dead Thea to Nanda Parbat.Their romantic interlude was wedged between Thea's resurrection and a brief but exciting escape attempt.

Ok, we know Felicity was never quite over Oliver, but she and Ray did seem to be enjoying the start of their romance.

And then Ray saw Felicity talking to Oliver at the end of "Broken Arrow," and he picked up on the romantic connection between the two.

With three episodes remaining in the season, we're left to wonder if there's even time left for Oliver to come back from this before Season 3 wraps up.

Given the events of "The Fallen," particularly at the very end as Ra's spoke of extinguishing Oliver Queen from memory, the season finale's title, "My Name is Oliver Queen," seems especially relevant. She awoke from her Lazarus Pit bath not recognizing her brother at first.

It'll be very interesting to see what's next for her, especially considering two of the people who love her most are no longer able to be there for her.

Evan Rachel Wood was quick to confirm that there was no third party - male or female - involved in her split from husband Jamie Bell in May, slamming reports that she had 'hooked up' with actress Michelle Rodriguez.SPOILERS if you haven't seen this week's episode of Arrow, titled "The Fallen." Arrow has been building up to a lot all season, and tonight's episode delivered on a few major events.We could argue that Oliver's inevitable step forward toward joining the League of Assassins was the biggest event, but in the long-time-coming category, Olicity wins out.Oliver and Felicity consummated their complicated relationship, and--because of course--by episode's end, their romance was over again.Looking at the timeline of Felicity and Oliver's bumpy relationship all season, their very physical connection tonight seemed to come out of nowhere, as Felicity had been happily dating Ray Palmer up until about five minutes before she and Oliver ended up in bed together.That brings us to the end of this barely-beginning for Oliver and Felicity.

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