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Once they put a new female mouse in, lo and behold, he suddenly had energy again (go figure! But back to our mice, I think that experiment is not only comparable to dating but especially online dating, particularly ones that don’t take too much effort like Tinder (yuk! Tinder is full of very accomplished men, as I experienced recently, and actually someone wrote an article about it recently, that it was busy men on there looking for some short term companionship.

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It’s not about forgetting the past, it’s about not letting it take your energy.

What is it that you truly want to have when it comes to love – do you really know?

Have you taken the time to think about what qualities are important for you to EXPERIENCE in a relationship?

I’m not talking about the external things like looks or how tall he is or what he wears, or what he does for a living – I’m talking about his personality traits and what he is like as a person.

This is a huge part of creating the love life you want.

There’s a good chance a quality, relationship-ready guy isn’t going to fall into your lap – you’ve got to get out there and meet him!

Actually, online dating isn’t where you should invest most of you’re time and energy. Well, creating dating opportunities is where it’s at. Meeting a bunch of people who just want to chat and not actually meet?

Online dating has become more about quantity and less about quality. How about going out on fantastic first dates with a promise of a second date and then nothing?

This is what builds a sustainable relationship, and you need to spend some time on this before you can identify if a guy has the qualities that are going to make you happy in the long run.

There’s an art to talking to quality men, and you’ve got to learn how to communicate with them. A man who really wants to get to know you will also value being heard, and you not only need to know when to talk and when to listen, but what to listen for. If your needs aren’t being met, that’s on you – you have to take responsibility for this and not expect him to read you mind.

Sign up for meet ups and interest groups where a guy who would align with your values might also show up.

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