ashba dating - Dating someone with an ostomy

he did comment on how much of a toll all I had been through took on me and also impacted him.

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I want to share my experiences dating and being intimate with an ostomy in this post today.

I think there is so much to talk about that I want to give you a little background information on me and how I handled certain situations so you have a better idea where my mindset comes from.

I was intimate with two guys during that time; one I told the truth to over AIM and never went into any details and the other I pretended was a bandage and never took my shirt off.

I did “hook up” with a decent amount of people during my teenage years (hey, trying to be honest here!

I never realized that most young people don’t even know what an ostomy was, let alone jump to the conclusion that I had one.

After my surgery at the age of 24 to have a permanent ostomy, I dated a couple of guys since then.There is the emotional component to undergoing such a life and body altering surgery. There’s telling someone you have an ostomy, then getting comfortable sharing details, etc.The physical unpredictability of it all can be very scary. Not to mention, if you are currently with someone, your partner may need time to adjust, not know how to handle it, or just act differently for his/her own personal reasons. I decided to break this topic down into several parts so I am sure I tackle as much as possible without writing a novel and boring you to death.I had an ileostomy from the ages of 16-19 and then again from 24- present day.I won’t pretend it was easy for me living with an ileostomy as a teenager and young adult. I do, however, think I made the situation harder than it needed to be.Anyway, when we started talking I could tell he was incredibly nervous and had no idea what I was going to say.

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