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While all contestants must be fluent in Mandarin, according to Han, several non-Asian candidates have applied.

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So when you think about it, the premise for Buzz Feed's new dating show was a bomb always waiting to explode.

Combining the best elements of reality TV with social media and the fangirl act of shipping, Relation Shipped (geddit?

He had previously met Chan at a friend’s wedding in Perth before she decided to keep her light on for him on If You Are The One but they had not dated.“What have I got to lose, I’m down on luck in love ...

it can’t be that bad, ” said Wong at the time (he was the top-scoring potential contestant in an SBS online poll).

have sought to capitalise on the behind-the-scenes tantrums and manipulative production techniques involved in these shows, you can't argue that we, as viewers are to blame.

All you need for proof is a Twitter account in order to see how much conversation (and hand-wringing) these shows generate online.

Wong came to Perth from Malaysia when he was eight.

Like Chan, he and and his parents were viewers of the show but that didn’t prepare him for how much he needed to reveal.“I’m quite conservative to be honest, some of the questions they asked were quite forward, ” he said at time.

“This was the first time a Western-looking man achieved that.” There might be hope yet for single Australians looking for romance on their favorite Chinese dating show.

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