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Therefore, the claimant could not be deemed to be the widow of the worker under 42 U. In upholding the district court's decision affirming the Secretary's denial of this claim for widow's benefits, the court of appeals held that the claimant was not entitled to benefits as the disabled widow of the worker. Appellant's marriage took place within the nine-month period. On appeal, she urges that she is nonetheless eligible because she cohabited with her husband for twenty years prior to their marriage.

Nor do we doubt that, after a long period of hostility to this relationship stemming from the Council of Trent (1545-63), see Munoz Morales, El concubinato en Puerto Rico, 17 Rev.

See Puig Pena, Las uniones maritales de hecho, 33 Revista de Derecho Privado 1086-89 (1949).

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The claimant applied for disabled widow's insurance benefits on the worker's earnings record, but the Secretary denied her application because the claimant did not meet the 9-month duration-of-marriage requirement in 42 U.

The court of appeals noted that Puerto Rico does not recognize common-law marriages and that the requirements for establishing a valid marriage in Puerto Rico are set forth in Article 69 of the Civil Code, 31 L.

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