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Women by nature are a little insecure about their looks especially when they are living in a big city where people place a lot of emphasis on beauty.Even if you are dating a truly beautiful woman, a woman who gets hit on by men all the time or even a model, she still needs and wants to be complimented. This means that you need to remember to notice little things that she does- if she goes to the store and tries to buy you your favorite coffee or if she hauls a 6 pack of beer home for you in the rain.

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A lot of men think that if he introduces a woman to his friends, his colleagues or his family, that the woman will automatically assume that the relationship is very serious and that they are three steps away from getting engaged. Women look at introductions to people in your life as recognition that she.

Keep in mind that if you say, "I want you to meet my best friend John but you are the only woman I have ever introduced to him," then of course she is going to think that this is a big deal.

A surefire way to make a relationship crash and burn is to exploit her weaknesses and use insecurities about which she confided in you against her.

A woman needs to know that you heard her explain why something upsets her, puts her in a bad mood or makes her feel insecure in the relationship and that you will try your very best not to do things that bring up those issues for her.

A good relationship means understanding your partners insecurities and doing what you can to make her feel good in that area of the relationship even if you might think that some of her stuff is and you would want the same of her. A woman wants you to communicate with her when you are in a bad mood and it has nothing to do with her.

Of course, everyone is entitled to be in a bad mood once in awhile but keep in mind that when your bad mood comes out of left field and when you snap at your gal and nitpick her every move, this can make her feel like your issue is , not your boss or your father.

You need to want to find out what makes tick and then do whatever it takes to make her happy.

She is working hard to please you (or at least she should be), so you need to do the same. A woman wants to feel like you want to get to know her specifically and that you don't just group her into the "female gender." A lot of men think all women are the same but the fact is that all women are very different; they all have very different likes and dislikes and ideas.

Alper says mutual dislikes are a better sign of compatibility than mutual likes, and two studies seem to back him up.

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