Dating fender tube amps Mature webcam registred

A less complicated circuit means fewer things that can go wrong, less component drift issues, it’s easier to service and has less potential for noise problems.

The Tremolux is rarer than the other blackface piggy back amps since it was produced over a shorter period of time.

Dating fender tube amps

The two channels of the AA763 Tremolux channels are in phase and can be used together.

This is because they have the same number of preamp gain stages (each stage inverts the phase with 180 degrees).

One does not reach the sweet spot as early as with the Reverb-amps with an additional gain stage in the preamp section.

The Tremolux uses only one 12ax7 tube in the preamp section in both channels before the signal enters the phase inverter.

Finally we point out location of components in the physical layout diagram.

Speakers The 2×10″ closed cabinet that came with the Tremolux is practically sized and performs well on most stages.

Its history is much less complex than the bigger Bassman and Bandmaster amps who experienced a rapid development in terms of different circuit models and tube configurations.

The blackface Tremolux and Bandmaster (AB763) are almost identical amps, just that the Tremolux is sized for smaller events and gigs.

The speaker is the most important component in your amp which physically produces the air waves that your ears detect as a tone.

See page How to select speakers for speaker recommendations.

We recommend a closed or semiclosed speaker cabinet for this setting.

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