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The research, carried out by Ni Quitin, questions over 1000 adult smokers across the UK about their habits.

It was discovered the nation’s favourite time to have a cigarette is after a morning coffee, with 17 per cent of people identifying this moment as their favourite.

For the most part, smoking paints a big red X on your back. We went out on the streets of Chicago to see what people thought: Maybe.

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Women who quit smoking last on average 19 days longer than men before returning to their normal smoking pattern.

Younger smokers give in to cravings quickest, and people aged 18-34 last on average 38 days fewer than those aged 55 and over.

I mean, it's not like I go looking for girls to date that are smokers, because I definitely don't, but you know what? "Listen, I'm not advocating for smoking here, but if you're going to have a bad habit — at least let it be the real damn thing.

Smokers yearn for a cigarette more than they do for sex, 20 per cent of respondents admitted.

It seems the main concern is why and how the person uses it rather than if the person uses it.

With traditional smoking, if you do it regularly, you are a smoker.

I dated this girl once who was super into fitness but every time we left the gym together, she'd immediately need a cigarette.

I think we dated for about two months before I was just like, 'this is ridiculous.'""I don't really care that much."Kyle, 26, says that everyone has their vices.

I mean, I hate the smell of smoke when I'm not drinking or drunk, but I don't think it's something that would completely kill an attraction for me."Ian, 29, agrees. Dylan, 31, said that he doesn't care how you spin it: Cigarettes are cigarettes, even if they're "safe to smoke indoors." "If you really think that there's any difference between dying 30 years from now due to cigarettes and dying 30 years from now due to e-cigarettes, please don't even bother dating me because I don't want to deal with your ignorance.

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