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Closely connected to clusters in Southern Europe, this cluster also has a strong relationship to the Middle East.Like the Ashkenazi cluster, it brings together diverse genetic threads and exhibits similarities and affinities to southern European and Fertile Crescent populations.Viking traders from Scandinavia had made their way to Greenland and North America before the 10th century CE, and a trade practice between local populations and Vikings was established.

dating branches on the tree of life using dna-83

From a genetic perspective, however, you are the outcome of a long process of genealogical fusion.

You are the outcome of values drawn from your culture.

The latter implies genetic relatedness, to their ancient founder population.

The Ashkenazi cluster, who represent the majority of the world’s Jewish population, derived from countries that were located within Central and Eastern Europe.

At the height of the Roman Empire, Jewish populations were scattered throughout the Roman territory.

After the fall of Rome, the Jewish population in Spain was among the most numerous, and it prospered for a thousand years under Moorish rule.

Populations within this cluster are descendants of the first migrations from Siberia that moved into the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge roughly 15,000–23,000 years ago.

These migrating populations split roughly 13,000 years ago as one group migrated east and south to populate areas of North and Central America and a second group spread down into South America.

The explanatory narratives in my Origins attempt to shed some detailed light upon each of the threads that we have highlighted in your genetic code.

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