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Collinses and highballs can help you slow down, as they are diluted with soda water and served over ice.

If you're getting a little fuzzy-headed and want to chill out, the first thing you should do is order some food.

Then, maybe switch to something with a lower alcohol content.

If your date is judging you because you're a guy and you ordered a Cosmo, or you're a girl and you're sipping Scotch, don't even bother for a second date.

Anyone who's comfortable in their own skin will make sure you are drinking what makes you happiest.” — Micaela Piccolo, Distilled“Each person should order what they like.

Suggestions between each other are a good way to start talking, but it is a bad start to insist your date should try something different.

Unique cocktails are a great place to start, because it gives you something to discuss.When it’s tough to get their attention because they’re so into each other, then you know it’s going well.Scanning the room while the other person is talking is, well, not so good." — Joaquin Simo, Pouring Ribbons“Good signs are: lots of smiling and laughing, being in their own little bubble, and not paying attention to the rest of the room.Get a sherry cobbler, a Cynar and soda, or vermouth on the rocks.Have that and you can pace yourself; have one Zombie cocktail and you’re going to be wasted.” — Joaquin Simo, Pouring Ribbons“Things are usually going well when you see a lot of actual conversation; when someone is talking and the other person is actually listening.It’s a beautiful space, very dark with great music.

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