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The slot still had to be cut by hand with a hacksaw.Country furniture made with these screws can easily be dated to the ten-year period 1846-1856.

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However, a perfected machine was not developed until 1860.

Lawsuits over patent rights prevented its use until 1880.

Furniture built in the Midwest and the South is different from New England made pieces.

The problem with using style to establish the construction date of country and primitive furniture is that regional styles remained unchanged for most of the 19th century.

The rough sawed lumber used in furniture construction was smoothed with either a hand held plane, or a planing machine.

The hand held plane was used in this country from the beginning until after 1900.

Before 1820, hinges were made one at a time by a blacksmith. By 1880, the use of cast iron in the making of butt hinges was discontinued in favor of stamped steel.

The common wood screw underwent a major change in 1846 when T. Sloan of New York City invented the first machine to mass-produce this item.

During the Industrial Revolution, the method of making nails, screws, hinges, latches, and of milling lumber changed often. The style of nails changed a dozen times, the hinge changed four times, the screw changed three times, and so did latches and pulls.

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