Dating an ambivalent man

The aromatic start sits the fern base on which the fragrance sits.Rosemary and lavender mark the initial pattern to which a spicy touch and the floral note of geranium that produces a clean and neat floral set effect.It mixes quite well with the clary sage and geranium, however.

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Universally appealing, from a distance to close up. Well constructed with quality ingredients - it has gorgeous transitions, opening with a bright saucy citrus and and dries down to a soft, spicy, talcy accord. The closest thing to vintage PE is AL-Rehab's U2 Man, which I'm delighted to have found as it is real close to the original.

In fact it's as close to CPE as CDNIW is to Noir de Noir.

It smells ok, it's sort of plain, it's clean woodsy ish but weak in my opinion. but there are many other scents I own I would rather wear but.......

I don't understand why, @@""@""@[email protected]@/"-" GIRLS LOOOOOVVVVEE THIS!!!!!!!

I can only speculate how good it must have been in the past. Very 90s a bit old school powdery warm fresh musky type but very very refined. Anyhow, what I can say is that the reviews are correct...has got a CRAZY 90s vibe to I'm wearing it now, it remind me of the 90s. It's fresh, but not in that overdone aquatic fresh that's so popular nowadays.

It's a "sharp" fragrance too, the entire time this gives off a definite sharp-metallic vibe.... This is more of an herbal fresh, the florals in here are strong herbal florals too....has got a very aromatic-spicy quality which I could see being very nice for many occasions.When it was almost empty I bought a new bottle with the new design. I sprayed the old one and the new one on my wrists and the old one stayed for a whole day while the new one vanished after 1-2 hours. A must have and definitely a staple in my collection. Someone, somewhere will have worn this around you, and you will recognize it!I immediately noticed that the new bottle was weaker and but it smelled exactly the same. Citrus overlord vibe with a spicy lavender first lieutenant! (I have current formulation.) Although it can seem a bit too familiar, it is also a much loved scent. Great sillage and longevity, love it on anyone anytime! I was there recently and the stuff they are selling is the same as in UK and US.What I'm noticing is that, this fragrance is really well done...because of it's age...I feel this is teetering dangerously close to really bad men's fragrances that some men would think are high quality.This could almost be an Axe Body Spray if it wasn't careful.

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