Dating a liar

Just about every year we need to learn a new slew of phrases in order to keep up with the lingo.Most recently, there was the term of “ghosting,” which refers to someone you were going out with (exclusively or casually) …The way you are treated as a child can have lasting effects on you even in adulthood.Remember, sometimes there is absolutely no personal gain for a pathological liar when they are telling lies.

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This is why they say when you raise a child, you are raising the person that they will become.

The experiences that you form in your childhood become the building blocks of your …You’re about to become way more insightful and it’s only going to take a two-hour period once every week.

Instagram is jam-packed with fitness enthusiasts posting photos at the gym or otherwise jacked photos of themselves.

It’s not exactly easy to get a large following if there are so many accounts to choose from.

People with depression don’t just feel the sadness we all feel every now and then.

It’s much darker and harder to deal …Each year January rolls around and brings in a time of change.

With the new year brings new music, games, movies, foods, and of course fashion trends.

2016 was full of different fashion trends from short cut bangs to tattoo chokers.

On July 14th, the Oregon residents had their first biological child: a beautiful and healthy baby boy who they named Leo Murray Chaplow.

Trystan is a transgender …Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova is a Russian model who achieved stardom via Instagram.

She’s known for her incredibly slim and toned physique along with a teeny tiny waist.

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