Dating a former pimp

Bowers and Lois were married in 1984Bowers started his career as a 'pimp' for Hollywood stars in 1946 at the age of 23.The former US Marine had moved to Los Angeles after the Second World War and was working as a gas station attendant on Hollywood Boulevard.He wrote in his memoir: 'Sex used to be about having fun and a good time.

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By then, all the celebrities he wrote about had died.'I never saw the fascination,' Bowers added. 'I think he was making a larger point about Hollywood and the hypocrisy of the period.

A lot of people had diverse sexualities but were part of a system that insisted on putting out the "white picket fence" morality.

The two had a child together and Bowers said she knew he slept around.

However, in 1981, he met a woman named Lois Broad who was 'simply a sweet, uncomplicated woman'.

When Bowers set up a star for a 'trick,' he refused to be paid, instead telling the star to pay the person they were sleeping with.'I didn't believe in being an outright pimp. There's a difference, you know,' he laughed to Mason.

Bowers claims he was part of a three way with actors Cary Grant (left) and Randolph Scott (right).He started his career at the age of 23 in 1946 when he moved to Los Angeles after the Second World War.His first job in LA was at a gas station, where he pumped gas and eventually organized sexual trysts for celebrities Bowers, now 94, (pictured with his wife Lois) is having his stories of sexual intrigue retold in a new documentary film, Scotty and The Secret History of Hollywood.That's in the past.' Bowers got his start as 'Hollywood's favorite pimp' after he met actor Walter Pidgeon (pictured in about 1940) in 1946, who paid him to have sex with him after Pidgeon stopped by the gas station where Bowers worked During the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood studios required their stars to follow strict guidelines.'When I first arrived [in Los Angeles] the stars were owned by the studios, which were heavily invested in them,' Bowers writes in his book.'Naturally, they needed to protect their investments. And I was there to help them get it.'Also, you have to remember that there were lots of gay people working at the studios at the time.But as he recounts his tales of deep behind the scenes in Tinseltown, he breaks into a smile and with a laugh he could pass for a younger man.

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